Registration of a Business name in Kenya.

Business Names are commonly referred to as Sole Proprietorships, BN2, or Partnerships and are Registered under the Business Names Act.

The registration of Business names has been migrated to the eCitizen Platform which allows applicants to make direct applications. However, we do assist you in the application and registration of your Business name registration in a fast and prompt manner.

Registration of a Business name in Kenya.

The proposed business name must be reserved pending registration.
Application for reservation of a Business Name should be made and accompanied with the prescribed fee. When choosing a Business name, have in mind that hundreds of thousands of names have been registered already. Make it as unique as possible.

Once a name is searched and reserved the applicant(s) should complete the online application form in the portal.

3.  CERTIFICATE of Registration also referred to as BN 3 is processed thereafter.

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