How to register an association or a society in Kenya

Would you like to register an association?

An association is a non-profit organization with members, whose intention it is to front causes of idealistic, political or other character.

Societies, Associations and Clubs are registered under the Societies Act in Kenya by the Registrar of Societies.

The following are required to register an association or a society in Kenya.

  1. Names of the officials in full. Chairman, secretary and treasures. Assistant officials where applicable.
  2. Addresses of each official.
  3. Proposed Physical address of the Society. Plot number, road, town, county.
  4. Copies of the ID, PIN and Passport photo of the officials.

We offer registration services for:

  • Limited company
  • Enterprises
  • Societies
  • Private members clubs
  • Churches
  • Welfare societies under the Registration of Societies Act.

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