What To Consider Before Selecting The Appropriate Name For Your Business


A good business name can quickly get you the attention your business requires, so identifying one involves far more than just thinking of a name you like. Pick a name that not only appeals to you, but your target audience too; one that your audience can relate to on an emotional level. A good name will also reflect your business’s identity and goals and will be a marketing tool you can ride on.


Avoid a business name that could cause confusion between your business and your competitor’s.  You want your business to have its own brand and identity, and being confused with a competitor is bad for your brand.


Try to ‘see’ what your name will look and sound like in various adverts – print, radio and television. Don’t underestimate the power of a wrong name. Depending on how far gone you are in business, repairing a wrong business name might have to involve re-branding, this costs money, and should be done with the help of a good branding expert as it can also go very wrong if not done gradually and with caution.


It happens all the time: you come up with a lengthy list of creative business name ideas, then hit the web to buy the domains you want, only to find that they are all taken.

It only makes sense that catchy names are snapped up quickly, but this should not discourage you since you still have a lot of playroom to choose the right name. By all means get creative, as long as the end result clearly communicates what your company offers.

Chances are that you will have a website and Facebook page for your business. Your business may also be active on other social media platforms. Do your research and find out if you can get a domain name that matches your business name, as well as social media accounts in your name. For domain names, simple and memorable is best. An unusual spelling or a long name may sound great to you, but it will only make it harder for potential customers to find you online or type your name accurately in an email.


Ensure that the name you choose is unique. If yours is a side hustle right now, which you do not plan to register soon, it still pays to do a business name search, trademark search and social media search to see if the name is available for use on these platforms.

You do not want to start a small business and when it is time to go big, you find out there is a company somewhere that owns that name – imagine what creating a new identity will cost you.
The law should be your guiding light

Here are important guidelines to consider:

  • Business with the word “Enterprises” at the end cannot use Initials e.g J.K and Brian Enterprises
  • Names with the word “Foundation” must be registered as Companies limited by guarantee
  • Names with “Groups” , “projects” and “Holdings” must be limited.(Ahadi group limited)
  • Names with “Universities” must be limited. (Ahadi university limited)
  • Single words are not accepted (Ahadi)
  • Offensive or abusive words are not allowed either. Offensive words in vernacular (mother tongue) are not allowed either.
  • Political names e.g (Nairobi youth alliance) are not allowed
  • Numerics are not allowed not unless its the current year eg (2015)
  • Names starting with the word “Kenya” are only reserved for the government.
  • Names with ‘Church’ and ‘Ministry or Ministries’ are not allowed
  • Names with “Trust”, “Foundation”, Programmes are not allowed
  • The Registrar of Names does not register clubs
  • Names with “Relief” are not allowed
  • Names with “welfare”, Organization, Association, are not allowed

Choosing a name is one of the most exciting and creative parts of starting a new business. Above all else, be sure to choose a name that reflects your business’s desired image and long-term goals.

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